List of High quality blogs Guest posting free

List of High quality blogs that accept guest posts Free

Guest post is a way of targeting a new audience for your site and improves the online presence of your brand. I would like you to tell you that guest posting is not a link building process, so don’t do guest posts only to get the backlink from the high-quality blog, always try to get the natural backlinks. Google gives importance to only natural backlinks. To get the benefits of the guest post, you need to do it in a proper way.

 Guest posting dead or alive 2020 –

There are many people among of them claim that guest post is dead, but guest posting is still alive and also will work in future to target the audience. Guest posting will work for you if you are following the guide line of the google and do work only for the audience not for getting back links.

 What are the Benefits of Guest Posting? Write for me

Following are some benefits of Guest post /contributing, it will cover all benefits that you will get from Guest blogging.

Reach a wider audience: more people can see your article and quality work if you contribute your work to other site, such Forbes is a top site all over world, and if you will write for it then you can bring the more audience to your portal. Also they can connect your work directly.

Generate quality referral traffic: guest post is a big source of the quality referral traffic to your sites. So submit your article on that guest bogs that have good traffic such as witty feed and forbes.

Build long term relationship : if you are someone  who are doing the guest post only for link then you are wrong , don’t do this, make a long term relationship with guest blogger  by submitting high quality article.

Build up your social media presence without posting: guest posting is really helpful to build social following without making any posting on social network. As people come to your guest post, then they can share it on different networking platform if your article good for them.

Become more confident: you will defiantly tell about your article quality and your expertise as your article would be approved by the Forbes, Wired, Inc and Entrepreneur , such thing will help in boosting  the confidence.

Increase exposure & brand awareness: guest positing is a great way to brand awareness and increase the exposure.

Inbound links:  it would be very interesting to explain, you will really get the high quality backlink from author bio. Many sites let us to add more than one link in article.

Earn Money & Money: if you are good content writer, then surely you can makemuch money by writing the article for global and local client.

The Dos and Don’ts of guest post

Which thing need to do and don’t do to become expert guest blogger, so please have a look at following some point.


Read the blog guide line: each blogger has different content requirementsome of among them accept the guest post bellow the 500 words. You need to write article according to blog guide line, such as no. of words in article, author bio and no. of images.

Need to create exceptional content: reputable blog will never accept poor quality article, so make such article that are helpful for both, also topic selection should be good, sometime blogger reject your article as this type article already posted on blogger sites.

Do show your expertise & experience: Do show your knowledge in your article, select the topic for that you have depth knowledge.

Write only for the audience: I think if you are the expert guest blogger then you will defiantly write for audience. Try to bring the audience on website by your writing skill, not for seo purpose.

Content in King: it is well known thing, content is king for blogging, so write the unique article to publish it on guest post sites. Duplicated content always rejected by the blogger.

Do find out which work best: navigate the complete site and find out what work blogger accept on your site

Don’t do

Don’t be spammy : Many time guest blogger send the guest post request to blog webmaster at same time, you shouldn’t do like this, it look like a totally spam.

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